Light o’ the Moon Dulcimers are individually priced according to the type of wood used, the complexity of the sound hole design and the amount of woodburning that is done. Prices range from $500.00 and up based on the above criteria. I work with each client to design an instrument that the buyer has in mind and then calculate a price.

Once the price of the dulcimer has been established, I stay in constant contact with my client, sharing photos of the work in progress. The estimated time it takes to build an instrument is 4 to 6 weeks. In most cases when a work is commissioned, half of the price is requested as a non-refundable deposit, with the remaining half due upon completion. Instruments which are personalized with name, initials, etc., may be required to pay the entire amount at the time the order is placed.

Shipping costs vary, depending on the weight and size of the instrument, case (if ordered) and other accessories. The price of wooden instrument cases also varies according to the same criteria as with the instruments. Soft quilted or fleece carrying bags, also custom designed, are $40.00 and up.


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