I was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1956 and raised in a small town near Atlanta called Clarkston. I moved to Little Rock, Arkansas in 1976,where I was first introduced to the mountain dulcimer. My interest in dulcimers snowballed,and I have been custom building them since 1985. My first build was from a kit. I soon began constructing them on my own with the help of my ex-husband, Jim Anderson.

My interest in the dulcimer was started by my late uncle, Jim Murphey, when he had built a dulcimer. I was such a big fan of my uncle that I wanted to follow in his footsteps and do everything he did.

Now I am located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of scenic western North Carolina. I still don’t have an actual dulcimer shop, but work on my kitchen table and front porch. Passersby will often see me sitting in my old rocking chair, dogs at my feet, working away carving sound holes or woodburning patterns on my dulcimer tops.

While living in Arkansas, I was attending school at the University of Arkansas, working and raising my two children. I worked on my dulcimers until well into the "wee hours," hence the name "Light o' the Moon Dulcimers." All my dulcimers are signed and numbered and are all one-of-a-kind instruments.

I recently took on an apprentice, my granddaughter Ariana, who was 13 at the time.. She completed her first build in the summer of 2011 which she gave as a gift to a little girl who is the granddaughter of a close friend. She is a very talented young lady and shows lots of promise as a budding luthier.

Many of the photos shown on this website were taken by another of my granddaughters, Olivia, (who was 7 at the time,) who seems to be a natural born photographer. Actually, I prefer that Olivia take all the photos of my work instead of myself, because Olivia’s photos always look better!

I share a dream with my apprentice, Ariana, to open up a dulcimer shop in the not-so-distant future. Come back and visit my website again and keep up with our progress.